Energy Frontier

Working Group Final Reports


With the completion of the Tevatron program, the High Energy Frontier is now located at CERN, where the Large Hadron Collider offers a program of discovery that may continue for twenty years or longer.

The task of the High Energy Frontier study group is to investigate the major areas of particle physics relevant to possible high energy accelerators, to review their current state, and to map the opportunities they provide for future discoveries. In addition, these studies should explore the motivations for other possible energy frontier acclerators that may complement the LHC. Questions for all groups.


The study will be organized in six topical working groups. In addition, information and collaboration flow between the High Energy Frontier Group and other Snowmass Groups will be facilitated by "Technical Advisors."

The High Energy Frontier Study Group will be organized around the following six areas of physics interest:

Detector Simulation information:

Common LHC simulations are done a combination of CMS and ATLAS detector performance in Delphes - The "Snowmass Detector." The performance parameters are in a file of ATLAS, CMS, and Snowmass choice in the affectionately named: BlueTable (pdf).

Help in analyzing Delphes output(external link)

The Delphes Root Tree Description(external link)

Energy Frontier FastSimulation description and location of ALL Standard Model background samples

Backgrounds and signal samples are being generated using millions of donated cpu-hours from both US CMS and US ATLAS within OSG and local computer farm resources. There is a Snowmass VO. Information on Delphes fast simulation samples can be found here:

Snowmass is an open process. We will discuss possible Higgs boson factories (linear and circular), higher energy e+e- and muon colliders, LHeC, hadron colliders beyond the LHC, and any other proposed facilities in which there is community interest. A list of facilities that we would like to consider, with a "realistic" luminosity sample for each, is given on the Energy Frontier Facilities List.

Additional Working Groups


Meetings and Email lists

A list of meetings of the Energy Frontier subgroups and general meetings of the working group is posted at our Workshops Page.

E-mail lists have been set up for each of the working groups. To subscribe, send email to:
with no subject and, in the body of the message:
  • subscribe <group>
  • <group> is one of: snowmass-higgs, snowmass-electroweak, snowmass-top, snowmass-bsm, snowmass-qcd, snowmass-flavor-at-he

(still under construction)


  • October 12.Added a workshops page listing all scheduled and tentatively scheduled workshops of the Energy Frontier groups.
  • October 12. Scheduled meetings by the working groups should be entered in the workshop discussion page (at the top) along with brainstorming (at the bottom).
  • September 30. Added a workshop discussion page for notes, ideas, actual reserved times...a white board
  • August 28, 2012. Conveners are in place and have been notified of their colleagues. We are attempting to find a time for a face to face meeting in anticipation of the Fermilab October workshop.
  • July 20, 2012. We are contacting candidate conveners for the six groups below.